Stiftung Naturlandschaften Brandenburg

Brandenburg Wilderness Foundation

Since the founding in 2000, the Brandenburg Wilderness Foundation has been actively promoting the conservation of nature. It looks back on a history full of challenges, successes and opportunities.

After the Soviet troops left in 1994, large areas of training grounds which often served for military purposes for a century and a half were available for peaceful development, opening up huge opportunities for those concerned with nature conservation. Although military exploitation greatly damaged these landscapes it ensured large areas were left unpopulated and that no roads cut through them today.

The abandoned training grounds were given to Brandenburg as a present by the chancellor in 1994, thus making them the Land’s property. In order to ensure the land could be used by private investors, the Brandenburgische Boden Gesellschaft für Grundstücksverwaltung und –verwertung GmbH (Brandenburg Ground Society for Property Management and Property Utilization – BBG) was founded and charged with the sales management. This gave rise to concerns that the land would be partitioned and privatised on the basis of financial considerations only, and a vision formed: part of the training grounds should be purchased and valuable habitats made a permanent nature conservation area. At the same time, areas for the protection of natural processes were to be created where nature developed dynamically without or with only little interference by humans.

In an exemplary initiative, public and private partners joined forces in order to realise their dream of creating and preserving natural landscapes in Brandenburg. On 16 May 2000, the Land Brandenburg, the Zoologische Gesellschaft Frankfurt (Frankfurt Zoological Society), the Naturschutzbund Deutschland (German Society for Nature Conservation), the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), the regionally active Landschafts-Förderverein Nuthe-Nieplitz-Niederung (Society for the Promotion of Landscapes in the Nuthe-Nieplitz Lowlands) and a private person created the Brandenburg Wilderness Foundation (Stiftung Naturlandschaften Brandenburg). Thus a foundation under private law was born – it had the unique task of purchasing former military training grounds and permanently protecting them as nature conservation areas of national and international importance.

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